Proof of Organizing

A friend of mine is moving. After she read my recent post on Organizing the Junk Drawer, she sent me the following note. Her drawer is a good example of what works.

Organized Junk Drawer

“My junk drawer…has been (organized) ever since I found a stacking junk drawer organizer a couple of years ago. When I was cleaning my cupboards and drawers for moving, I hardly had to touch the drawer since it’s actually stayed organized! Just goes to show, that if you find the right container for storage you have a better chance for things to stay organized.”

I call it proof or organizing. Do you have an area in your home that works well for you? Want to show it off? Send me a photo and I just might post it here.

Hidden Storage

Up The Wall
Look “Up The Wall” for Hidden Storage

Do you look around your office or home office and think you have used up all of your storage space?  Take another look and I bet you could find more space.  Here are a few ideas of possible “hidden” storage spaces.

Up the Wall:  Do you have a low book case?  What is above it?  Try adding a shelf or two that is the same width as your bookcase.  This will take up no more floor space than the book case below it.  Same goes for a desk placed against the wall.  The basic rule is, “go up, not out” to find more storage space.

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