10 Small Organizing Projects

If you have been reading the Maur Organized newsletter for a while, then you probably know that one of my favorite rules is to break your organizing down into small projects. Today, I would like to present you with ten small project ideas. Choose one or two to get started, and you may find yourself motivated to do more.

Junk Drawer

1. Car: If you have anything that belongs in the house, do that first. Then, discard all garbage. Vacuum the interior. Buy a small trash container.

2. Kitchen junk drawer: Empty the entire drawer. Sort by: keep, toss, and goes-elsewhere. Put back only the keep items. If you don’t have a drawer divider, take a good look at the sizes of the keep items and see if a divider would help. Be sure to put away your “goes elsewhere” items, or they will become clutter too. Continue reading 10 Small Organizing Projects

I have been procrastinating…

I have been procrastinating. Surprised? Well, let me explain.

Photo of cassette tapesAfter both of my parents passed on, we emptied and sold their home (in 2011). Last week, I still had three remaining boxes to sort through. One contained photos and keepsakes from Mom’s family, one had framed pictures, and the third one had cassette tapes. Yes, that’s right, cassette tapes.

The box of photos and keepsakes was easy. I just needed to re-box it and place it on a shelf where it fit. So, I purged that shelf, emptying some smaller plastic bins in the process (more about that in a moment). Then, I got a long, shallow bin, put the keepsakes into it and I labeled it. One done. Continue reading I have been procrastinating…

Where do you plop your keys?

Simply put, a system is a routine that you carry out to get something done. Do you have any systems that are working for you currently?

My husband loves the idea of his things being easy-to-find. When we work together to organize his home office, our garage, or his clothing, for example, he has no problem agreeing with what needs to be discarded and enthusiastically accepts whatever I set up for him.

What he does not have is the natural ability to create a system that is tailored to his own habits. If this describes you too, then what is the solution? Well, I have a few questions that I would like you to ask yourself: where, how, and when.


Where do you naturally want to plop down your keys and your phone?

Where would you look for your shoes?

Where do you shed your coat when you get home?

Where do you keep your account numbers (power company, mortgage, credit cards)?

Continue reading Where do you plop your keys?