Where do you store you contact data?

Where do you keep your important phone numbers and addresses? Are they all in one spot? Or, do you have a combination of paper, business cards, your email reader, an old address book and your phone?

Paper Address Book

Let’s say that you need to schedule a tune-up for your car. Do you search Google for your favorite car repair place? Do you have to rummage through a stack of business cards? Sticky-notes on your monitor? Imagine instead having one place where every bit of contact data that you use regularly is stored together. Need to make an appointment with your tax accountant? It’s right there. Do you have a niece who keeps moving, and you have to continually update her address? Bingo. Continue reading Where do you store you contact data?

Award-Winning Organizing Products

Each year in April, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) holds their annual conference. One event that takes place is the Organizers’ Choice Awards. These are chosen by votes of the NAPO organizers and who attend the conference. Categories include organizing work, home, storage spaces, moving and debris removal. I would like to tell you about two of this year’s winners.

1. This year’s winner of the “Best Productivity Solution for Mobile Workers” award is the Staples® Better Binder with Removable File Rings. This unique concept allows you to transfer a group of documents from a binder to a file drawer and back again, rings and all.

Jun 2013 photo_Staples Better Binder
Staples Better Binder

Usage: This product is great for anyone who has two or more places where they work, such as a business office and a home office. If you have sets of information in paper form that you need to access in both places, this allows you to take it out of the binder, rings and all, and file into a file drawer. When you want to use it or take it with you, you put it back into the binder. Have you ever tried to line up a group of binders on a shelf? The fat-spine, narrow-body shape makes this difficult. Storing them in a file drawer takes care of this problem. For more information, click on this link to see how it works. Continue reading Award-Winning Organizing Products


This month, I want you to think outside the box. I would like to introduce you to an online software that might be very helpful to you. It is called Dropbox.

Dropbox is a service that allows you to store files in the cloud, access them from anywhere and share with anyone you want. You can invite business associates, friends or family to share a specific folder, and any changes made by one will automatically be saved to the other’s computer. It’s almost like magic! Here are a couple of handy ways that Dropbox can be used.

Access your own files from multiple devices. Dropbox gives you easy access to your documents or photos from anywhere you happen to be. Any file that you copy to your Dropbox folder will automatically saved, so that you can use them on any of your computers, your tablet or your smart phone. Let’s say that you work from multiple locations, such as a corporate office, a local office and your home office. You need your files to be available to you from all three. Just copy them to Dropbox, and they will automatically be updated no matter where you edited your files. Here are some examples: Continue reading DropBox

Closet Makeover

Closet Before + notes
Closet Before

This is a photo of a closet that I organized for someone with a home office, when he first moved in. The closet did not have shelving, so a single bookcase was temporarily placed in the middle. As you can see from my notes, the space was very inefficient.

So, we built in shelves from top to bottom, using plywood and white paint. The sides were attached to the wall studs, so it is very sturdy. That means tons of stuff can be stored!

Closet After
Closet After

As you can see, office supplies and business materials are now organized and easy to find. To make use of every square inch, we added flexible cubbies that store business-sized papers and decorative boxes, which hold frequent-use items. These can be edited and re-labeled as his needs change. The very top shelf houses a series of small bins with less-often-used items. We opted not to add doors to this closet, to provide easy access. A drape could certainly be added, but this particular person did not want it.

Confession time: this “client” is my husband, and the closet has remained organized for 13 years.