Peel Back the Layers; Organizing Step-by-Step

You can’t organize a cluttered home by yourself in one day. There, I said it. A crew of professionals can make a huge difference, and there are times when that is the best method for making a change. For this newsletter, however, I am speaking to those of you who wish to organize on your own. The question then arises, “where do I start?”

Presentation1An experienced organizer said to me awhile back that organizing is like an onion, it peels back in layers. You have to start with the outer layer before you can see what is underneath it. So, how would that look for organizing your home? Here is a fictitious scenario, along with a step-by-step solution; each step to be done on a different day, perhaps a week or two apart.

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Don’t Organize My Garage For Me!

My husband and I have had some construction jobs at our home on-and-off for the last several months, which resulted in an accumulation of junk in our garage. Not surprisingly, this has been stressful for me – since I hate clutter.


The guy who has been doing our remodel is a person whom I trust (still do), and we went away for the weekend a while back while he worked on our project. Before we returned, he had come to a stopping place and decided to straighten the garage for us. He gathered up paint cans Continue reading Don’t Organize My Garage For Me!

Is your garage a dumping ground?

A well-known professional organizer named Barbara Hemphill says, “Clutter is postponed decisions.” Let’s think about what this means. Here are a few examples of postponed decisions.

You have a pile or bin of shoes that you don’t wear often, but you cannot make up your mind which ones to keep.

You purchased a comforter for the spare bedroom, but you did not like the color and now it’s too late to return it.

You have a box of supplies for a former hobby and you think you might go back to that someday.

You have boxes of old financial records, which you brought from your old house when you moved (twelve years ago).

So, what do you do with these “think about it later” items? You put them in the garage, of course. 🙂 What happens when your garage is too full? You park your car in the driveway. Continue reading Is your garage a dumping ground?