Virtual Organizing Services

Organize by phone

Professional Organizing can be done remotely, which is called Virtual Organizing. We do this in one-hour sessions using email-photos and either Skype or a phone appointment. How does that help you? First, you can maximize your budget, by working on your project immediately after our session, and in the days following. Also, if you want some direction for starting a new project, I can help you with that as well.

You supply the manpower. This is best for people who either have the physical ability to do the work themselves, or who have a helper who is willing and available to work alongside you. I act as project manager to guide you through the process. I help you choose the right size project, create manageable steps, ask targeted questions, and propose customized solutions.

If you are searching for a way to get help with streamlining your life, at your own pace, guided by someone who understands what it’s like to have your life changed by an illness, then please call or email me for a chat.