Is Maur Organized right for you?

  • Do you have many small areas of your home that are cluttered?
  • Do you lack the energy or ability to organize alone?
  • Have you tried organizing before, but could not get far enough to see a difference?
  • Do you keep hoping that tomorrow you will feel well enough to begin again?

Maur Organized can help streamline your surroundings to work with your new normal. We will work at the pace that is comfortable for you. Keep reading by clicking on the headers below for more details.

Organize your kitchen drawer

Small Project Organizing

Maur Organized specializes in organizing small projects in your home. Whether you are overwhelmed with work schedules and family activities, or perhaps you have physical limitations, small steps can make a difference over time.

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Organize after an illness

Organizing for Traumatic Illness

Has a Traumatic Illness changed your life? The impact of an illness and its effect on your life can be overwhelming. Using organizing systems, I can create strategies to simplify your life, and help reduce the burden that an illness can cause.

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Organize by phone

Virtual Organizing Services

Virtual Organizing is a form of remote guidance, which provides direction for your organizing tasks and guidance throughout the process, suggestions to avoid overwhelm, customized solutions and answers to your questions.

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