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Maur Organized specializes in helping you present your message with clarity and create a dynamic, professional presentation. When used thoughtfully, PowerPoint supports your message in several ways:

• Photos enliven the presentation
• Graphics strengthen understanding
• Charts supply a visual comparison
• Outline helps the speaker stay on point
• Slide quantity controls length of presentation

A few notes: You supply the text for your presentation, in its final, polished form. As we work on your slide layout, the quantity may change which could affect your final cost. When your presentation is complete, you will receive both pptx and pdf formats. The purpose of the pdf file is as a visual comparison to be sure that the file transmitted properly.

Artwork: If you need stock photos or illustrations, we are happy to help locate them for you, either through free sources or purchased online (billed with the final invoice). In either case, you will receive an external-artwork source spreadsheet at the end of the project.

“If you want me to speak for two minutes, it will take me three weeks of preparation. If you want me to speak for thirty minutes, it will take me a week to prepare. If you want me to speak for an hour, I am ready now.”  Winston Churchill